Student Presentations

  1. Have students create a presentation that includes the following elements:
    • Description of the classroom problem that the group has selected.
    • Description of group members and roles.
    • Explanation of the thinking that went into the design of their accessory.
    • Description of problems they ran into and how they were solved.
    • List of next steps: Where can they go from here with their invention?
    • Images of invented accessory for Dash.
    • Screenshot of final program created in the Blockly app.
    • Video of Dash using the accessory.
  2. Students can organize their presentation using posters or digital platforms such as Seesaw, iMovie, or Google Slides.
  3. Have student groups take turns presenting their projects to the class.
  4. Encourage students to give each other feedback on their designs, programs, and/or presentations. Possible questions/feedback includes:
    • “How did you (build that accessory and what did you use)?”
    • “I like how you (added lights and sounds to your program).”
    • “What if you (recorded a sound for your program)?”