Student Presentations

  1. Have student groups take turns sharing one of their programs with the class. Encourage them to:
    • Explain their design thinking. (E.g., “We wanted to add animations to our program because we wanted to make Dash dance,” or “We used the Repeat Until block/s to control how Dash repeats each dance move.”)
    • Share any obstacles and difficulties they overcame during the activity. (E.g., “At first, we weren’t sure why we should use a Repeat Until block, but then we realized it gave us more control over our program. ”)
  2. Encourage students to ask each other how they accomplished different objectives and give each other feedback on their programs. Possible questions/feedback includes:
    • "How did you (use cues in your program)?"
    • "I like how you (changed the lights and sounds in your program)."
    • "What if you (added another event handler for Dot)?"