Loops Review

  1. Briefly review with students the definition of and uses for loops by asking:
    • What are loops? (Sample response: "The action of doing something over and over again.")
    • Why do we use loops in coding? (Sample response: "We use loops to make our codes more efficient and easier to write.")
  2. Say, "You have learned about different types of loops: Repeat Forever and Repeat loops. Compare and contrast the two different types of loops."
    • Sample response: "Repeat loops repeat a specific number of times, while Repeat Forever loops repeat until the user tells them to stop."
  3. Give an example of when each type of loop is used in real life, such as:
    • A Repeat loop: You put on one sock and repeat this action a second time.
    • A Repeat Forever loop: You breathe in and out. You repeat this action over and over again unless someone tells you to hold your breath.