Follow-Up Questions/Discussion

  • How were the Repeat Until blocks used in this program?
    • Sample response: "The Repeat Until blocks allowed Dash to repeat a series of behaviors placed inside the Repeat Until block. The behaviors continued until an assigned behavior told Dash to stop or do something different."
  • What would life be like if you only used Repeat X Times or Repeat Forever loops?
    • Sample response: “When you are hungry, you put food in your mouth and Repeat Until you are full. If you used a Repeat Forever block you would never stop eating. If you used a Repeat block you might not get enough to eat or eat too much.”
  • If you lived in a world where your entire life needed programming, in what situations would you need to use a Repeat Until block?
    • Sample response: "I would use a Repeat Until block for my homework. I would repeat the work until it was complete."