Matatalab: 3D Geometric Shapes (Gr. 2-3)


In this lesson, students will be challenged to use their knowledge of interior angles of various polygons and code MatataBot to draw geometric nets. Students will create 3D geometric shapes from the nets.


  • Write code for different geometric nets.
  • Create three-dimensional geometric shapes.

Curriculum Connections Summary

  • Ontario – Coding, Mathematics & Art
  • British Columbia – ADST, Mathematics & Art
  • Alberta & Nova Scotia – ICT, Mathematics & Art
  • New Brunswick, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, & Newfoundland and Labrador – Mathematics & Art

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Screen Free: A more friendly way to learn fundamental coding concepts at a very early age. A physical way to learn abstract coding ideas without screen-time.
Words Free: The coding blocks have intuitive graphical symbols on them, building confidence for kids to predict the movement of the robot as well as to test and confirm their reasoning.
Game Based Learning: With Matatalab, if kids don't feel like seriously coding, they are play maze game adventures.