Minecraft: Extinction! Safari

Explore a Rollercoaster Around the Most Charismatic Extinct Species!


Explore a rollercoaster around the most charismatic extinct species, investigate the causes and what we can do to stop the biodiversity crisis.


  • Students learn about species extinction and loss of biodiversity
  • Students develop an understanding of past and current causes of extinction
  • Students understand we are experiencing an increased extinction rate and ‘a biodiversity crisis’

Curriculum Connections Summary

  • Ontario - Science
  • Quebec - Science
  • New Brunswick - Science
  • Nova Scotia - Science
  • Alberta - Science
  • British Columbia - ADST and Science
  • Manitoba - Science
  • Prince Edward Island - Science
  • Saskatchewan - Science
  • Newfoundland & Labrador - Science
  • Yukon Territories - Follows B.C.'s Curriculum
  • Northwest Territories - Follows Alberta's Curriculum
  • Nunavut - Follows Alberta's Curriculum

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