Minecraft: Assessing the Social & Environmental Effects of Mining

Assess the Impacts of Mining in Canada!


In this lesson, students will select a resource that is mined in Canada. Students will research the resource to understand the social and environmental effects caused by the mining process along with possible solutions for cleanup and lessening its impact.


  • Demonstrate skills and understanding of the subject by building an accurate representation of how a chosen material is mined
  • Demonstrate skills and understanding of that mined material effects and possible solutions.

Curriculum Connections Summary

  • Ontario - Science & Technology
  • Quebec - Science & Environment
  • New Brunswick - Science
  • Nova Scotia - Science
  • Alberta - Science
  • British Columbia - Science
  • Manitoba - Science
  • Prince Edward Island - Science
  • Saskatchewan - Science
  • Newfoundland & Labrador - Science
  • Yukon Territories - Follows B.C.'s Curriculum
  • Northwest Territories - Follows Alberta's Curriculum
  • Nunavut - Follows Alberta's Curriculum

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