mBot: Robot Curling (Gr. 5)

Using Variables and Multiplication for a Fun Game of Curling


The mBot and the mBlock software are both perfect tools to explore mathematics and the concept of variables. By using variables to store information on the robot, students will attempt to hit an exact target on a curling 'rink'.

Overall Curriculum Learning Goals

  • Patterns (Lesson Focus)
  • Variables (Math)
  • General Terms
  • Multipliers

Overall Coding Learning Goals

  • Variables (coding)
  • Tracing/Predicting Code Output

Educational Standards

• Grade 5 Mathematics – Patterning and Algebra

British Columbia
• Grade 5 Mathematics – Patterns and Relations


• Grade 5 Mathematics – Patterns and Relations

Lesson Procedure

  • Class 1 - Intro to mBlock and Using Move Blocks (~30min)
  • Class 2 - Variables in mBlock (~20min)
  • Class 3 - Robot Curling Game (~30min)

Robots and Accessories

  • mBots

Other Supplies

  • Laptops
  • mBlock Software
  • Masking Tape (for curling rink - optional)

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mbot is the best of both worlds, transitioning students from Scratch Blocks to Text Code