mBot: Selection Basics (Grade 5-6)


In this lesson, students will be introduced to the concepts of Boolean expressions and conditionals, with a focus on the “if” statement in programming. To begin with, students will discuss the decision-making process of outdoor or indoor P.E. class, and then be introduced to the construct of conditionals. To execute conditional algorithms, another new programming technique is necessary: Boolean expressions. In Phase 1, students will explore Boolean blocks. In Phase 2, students will employ conditional algorithms and focus on the “if” statement.


  • Explain the meaning of conditionals associated with the relevant real-life examples.
  • Understand how to use different Boolean blocks with conditional constructs.
  • Develop simple conditional algorithms that demonstrate their understanding of control structures.

Curriculum Connections Summary

  • Ontario - Mathematics - Algebra (Coding) & Science
  • Quebec - Science
  • New Brunswick - Science
  • Nova Scotia - Science & ICT
  • Alberta - Science & ICT
  • British Columbia - Science & ADST
  • Manitoba - Science
  • Prince Edward Island - Science
  • Saskatchewan - Science
  • Newfoundland & Labrador - Science
  • Yukon Territories - Follow's B.C.'s Curriculum
  • Northwest Territories - Follows Alberta's Curriculum
  • Nunavut - Follows Alberta's Curriculum

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