mBot 2.0 - Introduction & Teacher's Guide


This teacher's guide will give you an introduction and overview of the new features of mBot 2.0 and the benefits for its use in education. It will briefly show the steps to start programming the robot with mBlock5, Makeblock Education’s block-based editor, and then portrait the individual Getting Started Activities. These activities are a staged learning experience and cover the new features step by step. Starting with real-world references in the tasks given, the background of sensors, actuators and computational thinking are discussed along with sample codes that are easy to understand and expand for each task. The activities always suggest to involve further digital media and think ahead to apply the learning to new challenges and end with a reflection of the activity.

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mBot 2.0
mBot 2.0

Advanced Coding Robot Kit for STEM Education

Powered by Cyberpi, this innovative and easy-to-build robot will inspire kids to learn, grow, and play in limitless ways. Complete with Wi-Fi connectivity, kids can step into the world of Computer Science and technology learning utilizing precision movement control with encoder motors, expandable mBuild modules, and structural parts that come together in a unique programmable design.