mBot: Graphing with Sensors (Gr. 8)

Using Clever Programming to Graph the Output of the mBots Sensors


The mBot and the mBlock software are both perfect tools to explore graphing. In this lesson, students will learn how to graph the data coming in from their mBot's sensors onto the screen in front of them. After that, students will take it to the next level by being critical about the way they display their data, and explore the effects of offsetting, and exaggerating their data.

Overall Curriculum Learning Goals

  • Scatter Plots (Lesson Focus)
  • Distance Time Graphs

Overall Coding Learning Goals

  • Variables (coding)
  • Loops
  • If Statements

Educational Standards

  • Grade 8 Mathematics – Data Management and Probability
British Columbia
  • Grade 8 Mathematics – Statistics and Probability
  • Grade 8 Mathematics – Statistics and Probability


Robots and Accessories

  • mBots

Other Supplies

  • Laptops
  • Makeblock Software

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mbot is the best of both worlds, transitioning students from Scratch Blocks to Text Code