Dash & Dot: Geometry with Dash (Gr. 4-5)


This lesson is designed to use Dash & Dot robots and programming to support geometry lessons in identifying, classifying, describing, and finding the perimeter of quadrilaterals. Students will create quadrilaterals by building a pen attachment for Dash (optional) and using loops, angles, and distance traveled.


  • Students can measure and draw quadrilaterals.
  • Students can write algorithms to create quadrilaterals.

Educational Standards


  • Grade 4 - Mathematics, Measurement,Perimeter, Area, Geometry and Spatial Sense, Angles

British Columbia

  • Grade 5 - Mathematics,Perimeter and Area, Angles, ADST


  • Grade 5 - Mathematics, Shape and Space, Angles, Perimeter, Area, ICT, Foundational Operations, Knowledge and Concepts

Lesson Procedure

Class 1: Geometry with Dash (45 minutes)


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