Geometry: Cue the Architect


In this lesson, students will plan and program Cue to draw a two-dimensional house. In order for Cue to “sell” the house, they will need to calculate the total area of the house. Finally, students will program Cue to present the house to the class.


Students Will:

  • measure the area of triangles, special quadrilaterals, and polygons by composing into rectangles or decomposing into triangles and other shapes.
  • calculate the angles of squares, rectangles, and triangles.
  • create a program in the Cue app that uses movement, loops, events, and custom sounds.
  • program Cue to draw a house using the Sketch Kit or a drawing attachment they create.
  • determine the total area of their house drawing.

Target Grades: 6 - 8

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Cue is an incredibly clever robot with a witty attitude that’s full of interactive surprises.