Earth Systems: I Love Cue to the Moon and Back


In this lesson, students will work in groups to recreate the cyclic patterns of the Earth around the Sun or the Moon around the Earth by programming Cue to “orbit” around a stationary object. They will then join with another group to model how the Earth-Sun-Moon system works together.


Students Will:

  • use Cue and a stationary object to create a model of the Earth-Sun-Moon system.
  • develop an understanding of how the Earth-Sun-Moon system affects the eclipses of the Sun and Moon.
  • develop of how the Earth-Sun-Moon system affects the seasons.
  • work with another group to mimic the movement of the Earth-Sun-Moon system.
  • implement loops and/or events in their program.

Target Grades: 6- 8

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Cue is an incredibly clever robot with a witty attitude that’s full of interactive surprises.