mBot E4 - Conditionals: Afraid of the Dark!


Concepts: Students take conditionals a step further and are introduced to IF-THEN-ELSE statements and defining conditions using an mBot sensor.
Activity: Students create an algorithm that uses the ambient light sensor on the mBot. When the lights are on, the mBot does a calm sequence of commands. However, when the lights go out the mBot goes crazy with a sequence of erratic commands!


1. For students to understand the definition and utility of IF-statements in computer programming

2. For students to create an algorithm using IF-statements that allows the mBot to react to its environment

3. For students to consider the power of this programming tool in daily life

Curriculum Connections Summary

  • Ontario - Mathematics - Algebra (Coding)
  • British Columbia - ADST
  • Alberta - ICT
  • Nova Scotia - ICT

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