Dash & Dot: Dash’s World Adventure (Gr. 4)


Dash criss-crosses the map in this fun lesson on geography, creative writing, and mathematics. Students will create or finish a creative story telling of Dot and Dash’s adventures in traveling the world. Students will measure distances and estimate angles in order to program the robots to move, flash, and make sounds to act out their story.


  • Create a short piece of creative writing
  • Take measurements of angles and distances between points on a map.
  • Identify major physical components of the world (i.e. oceans, continents, and equator), locating them on the map visually and using longitude and latitude.
  • Present a piece of writing to the class.
  • Learn how programming can be an avenue for creative expression.
  • Use a map key to find the real distances between points on a map.

Educational Standards


  • Grade 4 - Mathematics, Geometry and Spatial Sense, Angles,Map Grid Systems, Social Studies, Physical Regions of Canada, Language, Oral Communication, Writing

British Columbia

  • Grade 4 - Social Studies, natural resources and physical geography of Canada, ELA, Writing, Oral Communication, ADST


  • Grade 4 - Social Studies, Physical Geography, ELA, ICT, Foundational Operations, Knowledge and Concepts

Lesson Procedure

  • Class 1: Writing Challenge (30 minutes)
  • Class 2: Measuring and programming challenges (30 minutes)
  • Class 3: Presentations (30 minutes)


Robotics and Accessories


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