Counting: Treasure Hunters (Gr. K-1)


In this lesson, the teacher will hide groups of objects around the room. Students will work in small groups to find these objects. Then they will program Dash in the Blockly or Wonder app to move forward to the appropriate square on a counting mat and say the number of objects that corresponds with it.


  • Count by ones and by tens
  • Program a simple set of instructions for Dash to move forward and say something in the Blockly or Wonder app
  • Count objects up to 20
  • [Optional for kindergarten] skip-count by 10’s
  • Read and record a number of objects as a written numeral

Lesson Procedure

  • Class 1: Counting Treasure Hunt (30 minutes)
  • Class 2: Mats and Programming (30 minutes)

Curriculum Connections Summary

  • Ontario - Mathematics - Algebra (Coding)
  • Quebec - Mathematics
  • New Brunswick - Mathematics
  • Nova Scotia - Mathematics & ICT
  • Alberta - Mathematics & ICT
  • British Columbia - Mathematics & ADST
  • Manitoba - Mathematics
  • Prince Edward Island - Mathematics
  • Saskatchewan - Mathematics
  • Newfoundland & Labrador - Mathematics
  • Yukon Territories - Follow's B.C.'s Curriculum
  • Northwest Territories - Follows Alberta's Curriculum
  • Nunavut - Follows Alberta's Curriculum


Robots and Accessories

Other Supplies

  • Bell (or chime on phone)
  • Large sheet of bulletin board paper (1 per group)
  • Set of colored markers, colored pencils, or crayons (1 per group)
  • Counting Chart (1 per group)
  • Treasure Hunt Worksheet (1 per group)
  • Items listed on the Treasure Hunt worksheet (or substitutions)
  • Bucket or paper bag (1 per group)
  • Set of counting sticks or cuisenaire rods (1 per group)
  • Tablets - See Tablet Compatibility

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