mBot: Coordinate Race (Gr. 6)

Racing to the right place with your understanding of ordered pairs, and precise movements.


The act of driving to a coordinate really helps to solidify the understanding of ordered pairs, starting with the x and then with the y. Through solving challenges in this lesson, students will surely retain the important aspects of Cartesian coordinates.

Overall Curriculum Learning Goals

  • Coordinates (Lesson Focus)

  • Ordered Pairs

Overall Coding Learning Goals

  • Motor Commands
  • Calibration
  • Reading Code

Educational Standards

• Grade 6 Mathematics – Geometry and Spatial Sense

British Columbia

• Grade 6 Mathematics – Shape and Space


• Grade 6 Mathematics – Shape and Space

Lesson Procedure

  • Class 1 - Intro to mBlock, and Wheel Calibration (~30min)
  • Class 2 - Turning at Right Angles, and Learning about Coordinates (~20min)
  • Class 3 - Making a Grid and Coordinate Race (~30min)

Robots and Accessories

  • mBots


  • Laptops
  • mBlock Software
  • Masking Tape or Chart Paper Markers and Rulers (for grid making)

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