Dash & Dot: Balancing Act (Gr. 3-6)


You exert forces on the objects around you every time you touch something, pick it up, or sit on it. Sometimes the object moves, and sometimes it doesn’t. In this lesson, students learn about force and its effect on objects, and then design and run an experiment involving balanced and unbalanced forces using Dash.


  • Define force and understand how forces affect objects
  • Consider balanced and unbalanced forces, and their effects on objects
  • Design and conduct experiments to test a hypothesis, and draw conclusions from the results

Educational Standards


  • Grade 3 - Science, Forces, Problem-Solving, Language, Writing

British Columbia

  • Grade 6 - Science, Forces, Language, ADST


  • Grade 6 - Language, ICT, Foundational Operations, Knowledge and Concepts

Lesson Procedure

  • Class 1: Forces and Creating Experiments (30 minutes)
  • Class 2: Conducting an Experiment (30 minutes)
  • Class 3: Writing and Presenting Reports (30 - 40 minutes)


Robots and Accessories

Other Supplies

  • Tablets - See Tablet Compatibility
  • An object with 2 opposite flat surfaces, such as a box, for each group. The box should not be empty, but should not be so heavy that it can’t be pushed across the floor easily.
  • A balance beam or scale
  • Scientific Method Sheet for each student
  • Experiments Data Table for each student

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