A1: Unplugged - Sequences and Algorithms


Level A, Lesson 1: Students will be introduced to and define the terms “sequencing” and “algorithms.” Students will learn how coding relates to their lives.


  • Define sequences and algorithms.
  • Relate coding to their lives at home and school.
  • Design an algorithm navigating Dash through a maze to find Dot.

Curriculum Connections Summary

  • Ontario - Mathematics - Algebra (Coding)
  • British Columbia - ADST
  • Alberta - ICT
  • Nova Scotia - ICT


Robots and Accessories


Other Supplies

  • Notebook or construction paper
  • Arrow PDF printout (1 per group)
  • Scissors (1 per group)
  • Sticky notes (1 stack per group)
  • [Optional] Dot robot (1 per group)
  • [Optional] access to Twitter and Instagram

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