A1: Hello, VinciBot! (Sequences - Gr. 3-8)


In this introductory lesson, students will experiment with the Vinci-Bot's structure, functions and characteristics by exploring the three preset modes of Vinci-Bot.


  • Explain and become familiar with using VinciBot’s three modes: Drawing, Line Following, and IR Remote Control.

Curriculum Connections Summary:

  • British Columbia - ADST, English Language Arts, Science
  • Alberta - English Language Arts, Science
  • Saskatchewan - English Language Arts, Mathematics
  • Manitoba - English Language Arts, Science, Mathematics
  • Ontario - Language, Mathematics, Science, The Arts: Music
  • Quebec - English Language Arts, Mathematics
  • New Brunswick - English Language Arts, Mathematics
  • Nova Scotia - English Language Arts, ICT, Mathematics
  • Prince Edward Island - English Language Arts, Mathematics
  • Newfoundland and Labrador - English Language Arts, Mathematics
  • Nunavut - English Language Arts
  • Northwest Territories - English Language Arts, Mathematics
  • Yukon - ADST, English Language Arts, Science

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Encouraging Learning to Play and Explore

VinciBot is a learning tool that features diverse and rich functionality, open expandability and superb quality. With its graphical and Python programming platforms as well as AI features, it has a wide range of applications in STEAM education such as programming learning, AI education, robotics competitions and creating creative projects. VinciBot encourages learning by doing and imaginative play while developing computational, design and engineering thinking skills.

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