Challenge Cards [Optional]

  1. You can purchase our Learn to Code Challenge Card sets and Curriculum Guide here:
  2. Have students complete the following Challenge Cards:
    • F 3.4: Lucky 7’s
    • F 3.5: 13 = Yuck!
    • F 3.6: Black Cats!
  3. For each challenge, encourage students to:
    • Use the Wonder Journal: Dash Planning, Dot Planning and/or General Planning worksheets to discuss how they can complete the challenge.
      • Review the Troubleshooting and Problem Solving & Debugging worksheet if they run into any problems with their code.
  4. After they finish each challenge, have students:
    • Complete a Wonder Journal: Reflection worksheet.
    • Take a screenshot of their Blockly code.
    • Take a video of Dash and/or Dot while the code is running.
    • Update their Challenge Card Checklists.